Fat Chucks Revenge, Smithville, Texas. Why the hell not?!!

OMW was takin it to a whole nutha level, like we always do, when we decided we would do our first marathon race as a team out at the Fat Chucks Revenge Marathon Race at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, TX.  Race # 3 of the 2012 TMBRA Mountain Bike Marathon Championship Series. We had a handful of marathoners and sprinkled in some half marathoners as well.  Gerad, Jay, Rob and Gregg went the full 46 miles while Allen, Dan n’ Lance put in a solid half.  Lance and Dan headed out late Friday and held down the fort until the rest of us can made it out Saturday morning just in time to roll up to the line.   Gerad was the first one to the pits and to survey the damage of the day before. There he found the usual, strewn, crushed, and half full beer cans at the team site (or half empty depending on how you look at it).  Whenever that happens I know someone got after it and is probably feeling it on the line.  Our close personal friend and OMW Honorary Team member, Paul Uhl,  was busy making last minute race preparations only after baking off all the Paul Uhl Pottery prizes for the lucky few.  Before you know it we’re off and we do a nice little start loop that brings us back around and past the spectators then shoots us out into a little chunk of heaven called Rocky Hill Ranch.  There were steep uphill sections and fast, flowy, singletrack through the pines and some short downhill sections.  A lil somethin for everyone.

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OMW Racing Fall Newsletter 2012: Racing Updates, New Racer News, and Upcoming Events.

Happy Fall everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed your summer. Summer time is typically an off season for many of us, used as time to regroup between race series and to take care of other obligations. But just because I didn’t compete over the summer it doesn’t mean that other OMW teammates sat idle. 2012 Cat 2 State Champ Gerad Dambrosia and teammate Don Schwieters both competed in the Austin Rattler 100k (Leadville Trail 100 qualifier) at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, Tx. on 04/21/12. Both guys did well enough to qualify for the Official Leadville Trail 100 Race in the Colorado Rockies, otherwise known as The Race Across the Sky!  Mr. Dambrosia also entered the Cranktastic Dirt Fest on 06/23/12 that was promoted by our friend Joseph Lao and won his Cat 1 age group. Is that any good? Hells yes!!

OMW Racing is proud to announce the addition of 2 new teammates. The OMW race team is lucky to snatch up both Nick Carter and Nick Elkins, both from Austin.

Nick Carter comes from Pocatello, Idaho, but grew up in Texas (then Seattle and back to Texas. Not sure if there was a stint in prison somewhere in there), with primarily a downhill riding background but has warmed up to XC racing in Texas by trying out some of the 2012 spring series races. He finished 18th overall in the 2012 State Championship Series in Cat 2 (in his first season of racing). He then went on to get 11th place at the USACycling National Championships in Sun Valley, Idaho 07/05/12.  Nick is currently competing in the 2012 Texas Fall Cup. He will also be doing the 24 hours of Rocky Hill  on 10/20/12-10/21/12, SOLO, while you’re bullshittin!

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TMBRA Race #8 (Season finale)- Rocky Hill Ranch Roundup, Smithville, Tx. 05/19/12-05/20/12: Gerad Dambrosia never lets go of the leaders jersey, snatches up OMW-Racings first State Championship!!

Blood, Sweat, and Beers…

What an amazing Spring season of racing our bikes all over the Great State of Texas!! Another Spring season of great adventures and epic stories! OMW-Racing sent more racers to more events than ever before! We averaged 10 racers at each of the 8 Series races this Spring. Not only was it fun but it was REWARDING!! That’s right people, OMW-Racing had a very successful 2012 Texas State Championship Season culminating in a State Championship!! Gerad Dambrosia took control of the Cat 2 30-39 group and never let go of 1st place once it was his. Congratulations on a great season, Gerad!! If that’s not good enough, consider the fact that Lance “Bam Bam” Hyde crushed it and finished 2nd Overall just behind Gerad!! Oh my goodness!!! Don Schwieters finished on the podium in 3rd place Overall in the Cat 3 50+ group. Rob Remlinger and Gregg Colvin finished 5th and 6th respectively in the Cat 2/3 Singlespeed group. Jay Lopez finished 6th Overall in the Cat 3 20-29 age group. Nice set of Top Ten Overall finishes here and don’t forget Don, Gregg, and Jay just started racing this Spring!!

Dan “The Man” Hickman always likes to say, “You’ll miss it when it’s over” and it is ohh so true!  So we have to put some extra Oomph into it for the season finale at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, TX.  Some just took a victory lap, reminiscing on all the great times we had this year and others took no prisoners fighting for podium spots and top ten finishes in the season standings.  After all the dust settled, after all the blood, sweat, beers, and Steel Panther on 11, OMW got its first ever STATE CHAMPION, a record number of podium finishes for the Overalls and 7th Overall in the Team Challenge!

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TMBRA Race #7- Bicycles Plus Blowout, Big Cedar Wilderness, Cedar Hill, Tx. 05/04/12-05/05/12: Gerad gets the win and OMW-Racing gets a State Championship!! Is that any good?!!

That’s right folks, another race is in the books. It was another great weekend of racing our bikes all over this great state of Texas! There was a lot to celebrate this weekend and some things that didn’t turn out so well. Its taken four 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes but Gerad Dambrosia made it happen, 1st place!! Not only did he finally get his win but he locked up the overall State Championship in his division!! Way to go Gerad and congratulations on an awesome race season!

The course over at Big Cedar Wilderness is a brutal one, I don’t care what anyone says or how easy Gerad makes it look. The whole course traverses a natural bluff on the property of  Mountain Creek Church and Prayer Mountain (I said a few prayers out there, believe you me!). There are crazy switchback climbs that turn into crazy switchback descents. There is hardly a chance for any recovery in between. Don’t get me wrong, the course is fun and exciting but it will also rip your F’ing legs off! We usually make fun of this race because they make us race on Saturday (instead of the usual Sunday race) because Sunday is Gods day. They also have a great disclaimer for the weekend- Absolutely no alcohol, no firearms, and no profanity!! But I have to say, we have done this ride a few times now, and we have met some really great people that allow us to come in and ride on their property. They take good care of us and they take the time to stop and talk to us. Thanks again Mountain Creek Church for the invite and the hospitality. But we still love the disclaimer! Do they know who we are???

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TMBRA Race #6- Bicycle Sport Shop Pace Bend Mountain Bike Race and Festival, Pace Bend Park, Austin, Tx. 04/14/12-04/15/12: The podium streak continues and OMW takes it to a whole nuther level!!

What a great weekend for  TMBRA race #6 of the Texas State Championship Series! Its always nice to have a race in your own back yard where you can sleep in your own bed the night before. These are some familiar trails and we have raced here on a number of occasions. OMW Racing likes this course. There are lots of fast sections, great singletrack and plenty of rocks, ledges, and rock gardens to keep people honest. I saw plenty of blood, bandages, and even a few arm slings over the weekend. Nothing wrong in getting down and dirty with a great trail. Makes you wanna mount back up and show the trail who’s boss. Get some of that-ahhh!!

Thanks to Gerad, OMW Racing got a FRONT ROW, reserved spot in the expo area. They put us in the dead center! So we set up our 2 giant Canopy tents, threw up the OMW Racing banner, set up the stable for our race steeds, and put the jammin roller cooler on 11!! Oh you could hear it all over. We had 50 yard line seats for the unicycle football game, heck they even turned down the PA system so they could play the game to some OMW Racing jams from the roller cooler. Is that any good?! Hells yes it is!! It was a spectacle as usual. Some times you just have to reel ole Bam Bam in when you get a little Steele Panther on 11!! Oooohhhh, get some!!

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TMBRA Race #5- The GHORBA Big Ring Challenge, Coldspring,Tx. 03/31/12-04/01/12: OMW racing does not fail but GHORBA does so once again!!!

Race # 5 of the Texas State Championship Series took us to the majestic Sam Houston National Forest just outside of Coldspring, Tx. with plenty of fast, flowy, rip your legs off single track on tap for the weekend.  There is little elevation change there but they make up for it with a nonstop hammering distance of 12.5 miles per lap.  OMW had 10 racers on the line including Deanne Moehn back from injured reserve!!

So we roll out of Austin a little behind schedule and in true OMW style, tall dogs fallin, takin the scenic route.  We arrive and set up shop right in front of the finish line, right in the middle of all the action, jammin rollin cooler set to 11.  Lance, you got anything in that playlist that is family appropriate?  Doesn’t look like it so had to skip the Steel Panther (for the most part).  At this point, we’re having a good time taking it all in (cuz you’ll miss it when it’s gone) some fellow racers come by, one thing leads to another and some of us can barely get up the biggest climb out there, gettin on the bike!!  But we have to pre ride this beast.  So off we go, Dan playing pin ball with the trees, Lance looking for a way out, and somehow, with only 3 miles left in Gerad’s pre ride, here comes Dan!!!  BACKWARDS!  If you know this course you would ask yourself, how did he even manage that?  I was like, “I not even mad… that’s amazing!

The sun has set in Crunk City and Lance is trying to find the bad ass A-frame on Lake Livingston in the dark with Deanne and Don following behind wondering why we’re going in circles for about an hour now.  We’re on the phone trying to get directions with the owner but that is getting us nowhere so he says, “alright, you boys just stay put; I’ve got shit to do so I’ll come get you.”  Well alright then.  And how’s about a pitcher of Margaritas as a welcome gift from the owners?  Talk about some hospitality!!!  Now we’re getting settled in setting up the Flatscreen for OMW movie night under the stars with Full Metal Jacket as the feature, Sweet dreams Maggots!!

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TMBRA Race #4- Solvaca Cat Claw Classic, Glen Rose, Tx. 03/17/12-03/18/12: Gerad’s podium streak is on the line, can I get more cowbell??!!

TMBRA Race #4 is in the books. Another great weekend of racing our bikes all over the great state of Texas. If youre not in on this then youre missing out. Aways remember the rules of the road when road trippin’. Rule #1- ALWAYS take the scenic route. Lance and the Green Manalishi grabbed the uber-large pop-up camper and herded up some regulators for the 3 hour journey up north. Of course, the Godfather was late as usual and had to catch us on the road. We rolled into the Solvaca Ranch in Glen Rose, Tx. early Saturday afternoon to set up shop and establish the OMW ZIP CODE! Once we got settled a preride was in order. Great trails with plenty of creek crossings, like 50, or maybe just seemed like that since they were all full of water. Who doesnt like getting wet!? Chuck?? Later we settled in for team dinner with Gerad on the grill with a lil help from Chef Brian. Go ahead and throw some SKRIMPS in my spaghetti, only if theyre from Corpus Chrispy though! Good times all around and plenty of tall dawgs falling.

OMW racing had 8 racers on the line this weekend. We had beautiful 8.4 mile laps with all the terrain you could want. A fan friendly venue.  Our Cat 2′s went off first with Gerad nailing down a solid 2nd place, Lance in 7th, Rob in 13th, and Dan in 14th and Gregg in 16th. Then our Cat 3′s were off. Don peddles out a 6th place finish, Brian takes 10th, and Jay brings home 12th. Great weekend of racing and good times with good friends. Gerad Dambrosia takes a firm grasp on 1st place overall in Cat 2 30-34, Lance Hyde moves up to 4th overall, Jay Lopez moves to 1st overall in the Cat 3 19-29 group as well!! Is that any good??? Hells yes!!  Other notable overalls are Don Schwieters in 3rd Cat 3 50+ and Rob Remlinger in 6th Cat 2/3 SS.  OMW racing moved up to 6th in the Team Challenge Competition. Look out people, here we come!! Next race is The GHORBA Big Ring Challenge in Coldspring, Tx. 03/31/12-04/01/12. Hope they dont screw the racers again, like the last 2 years. More on that later. See you there!!

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