TMBRA Spring race #4: The Bent Wheel Bash, Abilene, Tx. March 29th, 2015- 3 in the top 10!!


OMW racing went out on the open road for TMBRA spring race # 4, The Bent Wheel Bash, in the thriving metropolis of Abilene, Tx. The race was out at the Buck Creek Trails on the property of the police training academy. Dont worry, noone got tazed or arrested on this trip. In fact it was a good time all around and Abilene even has a night life. But we’ll get into that later. Gerad and Don headed out seperately Saturday morning so they could make it in time for a course preride. Dan and Lance came out a bit later in the green Manalishi but made good time while taking in the scenic route. ALWAYS take the scenic route when road tripping!! We may not have made it in time for a preride but we did get there in time to get the team canopy set up and commence the pre race carbo loading and appropriate hydration. I cant stress the importance of eating right and staying hydrated when youre an endurance athlete. Well, with that completed, Lance and I set out to meet Don and Haifa out on the town for a cocktail. Long story short, there might be video evidence going around of Lance Hyde taking over the karaoke with a lively rendition of Margaritaville. Just saying. But, like good kids, we went back to the camp early to go to bed and get well rested for the next days activities. Or something like that.

It was another great weekend of racing our bikes all over the great state of Texas!! It was a beautiful day Sunday and the results were solid. Lance Hyde, riding in the Cat 2/3 SS group messed around and got 8th place! Don Schwieters lined up with the Cat 1 60+ group and brought home 2nd place! Gerad Dambrosia took on the Cat ! SS’ers and nailed down 2nd place! All great results on a great course. These results were good enough to put Lance in 6th place overall, Don in 2nd place overall, and solidify Gerad in 1st place overall for the spring series!! Is that any good??? Hells yes it is!! We had so much fun we’re gonna do it all over again at the Bicycle Sport Shop Pace Bend Race and mountain bike festival in Austin,Tx. on May 12th, 2015. Hope to see you all there.

OMW Bitches!!

TMBRA Spring race #3: Hill Country Mountain Bike Challenge, March 15, 2015. Don takes the win!

It was a great weekend for camping and racing in the Texas hill country. We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!! But first we had to be cool and sneak in to Flat Rock Ranch without them realizing who we were and get position a little ways up the hill to set up camp. Well the first part worked out but before you know it Ole boy came up on us while we were setting up. First of all, we had apparently set up our canopy in his little 4-wheeler trail then he asked…“y’all with OMW racing?”. Continue reading →

TMBRA Spring Series, Race #2- The Mellow Johnnys Classic, Dripping Springs, Tx. 03/01/2015

Race #2 of the 2015 TMBRA Spring Championship Series was The Mellow Johnnys Classic held the weekend of 02/28/15-03/01/15 at Flat Creek Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas. The weather was supposed to be in the mid 40’s on Saturday and warm up to the mid 60’s by Sunday afternoon. Well, we all know that didnt happen. I dont think the temps ever got to the 40’s and it rained enough to really slick down the trail for the early racers and make it good and clumpy for the later racers. An epic day for racing all around. I rolled out in the early morning to get to the ranch in time to establish position and set up the team canopy. Continue reading →

2015 Texas State Championship Series race #1- The Rocky Hill Roundup, Smithville, Tx. 02/08/15

Well here we go again! Its time to go racing our bikes all over the great state of  Texas! Race # 1 of the TMBRA Championship Series got underway at The Rocky Hill Roundup in Smithville Tx this past weekend. It was good to get back on the road with the gang for some good old MTB fun. Its always a good time at Rocky Hill Ranch with Paul Uhl running the show. As usual we set up the OMW team canopy one the end of the start straightaway to get a front row seat on all the racing action. We had a good turnout of team friends and family and we had 5 racers on the line. The sun broke thru about noon and it turned out to be a great afternoon for racing. Continue reading →

Gerad Dambrosia and Don Schwieters pull the rare double victory at the 787 Racing 6 Hour Race, January 25th, 2015

The 787 Racing 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race at Reimers Ranch Park was held January 25th, 2015 under blue skies and sunshine. Unfortunately the race venue got 3+ inches of rain a couple days prior to the race and the course had to be rerouted through the horse trails. Besides the hosts Canopy tent and loudspeakers, the OMW team canopy was the most festive set up around. We set up shop right on the start/finish line area which was perfect for race watching and rider support. Both Gerad and Don did a great job pacing themselves and staying fed and hydrated. Beer handups were available and taken of course. Continue reading →

Don Schwieters nails down 2nd place overall in the 2014 Texas Fall Cup MTB Series

The TMBRA Texas Fall Cup race series started August 31st 2014 at the Camp Eagle Classic in Rocksprings Tx. and ended October 12th 2014 at the Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic in Huntsville Tx. There are 5 races in the series. OMW racer Don Schwieters took on the series and the Cat 2 men 50+ all by himself. Don raced all 5 races and finished no worse than 6th place in any one race. Don got 4th place at Camp Eagle, 5th place at the Cameron Park Blowout in Waco, Tx., 3rd place at the Tyler Speedwaves race in Tyler, Tx., 6th place at the 21st Annual Piney Hills Classic in Ruston, La., and finally 4th place at the Dave Boyd Classic. As a result of his determination and perseverance Don nailed down 2nd place overall for the Fall Cup Series. Congratulations Don and great job representing OMW racing all over the great state of Texas and Louisiana!!! Guess you will be racing Cat 1 in the Spring, Don!

2014 TMBRA State Championship Series in the bag. A series to remember taken to a whole nutha level!!

The 2014 TMBRA Texas State Championship has wrapped. The season finale was in Warda Texas at the good Doctors Bluff Creek Ranch  on May 17th-18th. It was quite a season traveling the open roads of Texas and racing great MTB venues. But before we get to the final results I gotta tell you about some of the great fun we had in the secod half of the season on races. Continue reading →