2015 Texas State Championship Series race #1- The Rocky Hill Roundup, Smithville, Tx. 02/08/15

Well here we go again! Its time to go racing our bikes all over the great state of  Texas! Race # 1 of the TMBRA Championship Series got underway at The Rocky Hill Roundup in Smithville Tx this past weekend. It was good to get back on the road with the gang for some good old MTB fun. Its always a good time at Rocky Hill Ranch with Paul Uhl running the show. As usual we set up the OMW team canopy one the end of the start straightaway to get a front row seat on all the racing action. We had a good turn out of team friends and family and we had 5 racers on the line. The sun broke thru about noon and it turned out to be a great afternoon for racing. Don Schwieters moved up in category and got on the podium in his first race. Don got 3rd place Cat 1 60+. Gerad Dambrosia took 5th place in SingleSpeed Open. Rob Remlinger got 8th place Cat 2/3 SingleSpeed. Jay Lopez took 15th place in Cat 2 19-29. And Alfredo Lopez got 22nd place in Cat 2 30-34 even after breaking his chain early on and having to repair it to continue and finish. It was a great weekend of racing for the OMW crew. Now its off to Dripping Springs and Flat Creek Crossing for race #2, Feb 28th-Mar 1st, 2015. Hope to see you there. Come by and have a beer with us.

Gerad Dambrosia and Don Schwieters pull the rare double victory at the 787 Racing 6 Hour Race, January 25th, 2015

The 787 Racing 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race at Reimers Ranch Park was held January 25th, 2015 under blue skies and sunshine. Unfortunately the race venue got 3+ inches of rain a couple days prior to the race and the course had to be rerouted through the horse trails. Besides the hosts Canopy tent and loud speakers, the OMW team canopy was the most festive set up around. We set up shop right on the start/finish line area which was perfect for race watching and rider support. Both Gerad and Don did a great job pacing themselves and staying fed and hydrated. Beer handups were available and taken of course.  Paul Uhl was also on hand to help keep the guys motivated and in good racing spirits. Don Schwieters won the Open mens 50+ category and Gerad Dambrosia won the SingleSpeed Open category. Gerad even had time for one more lap but he was already a lap up on 2nd place so he didnt have to go around again and still keep the overall victory. For reference, Gerad road a total of 72 miles for his big win. OMW racers just messing around and score the rare double vicory. Congratulations to you both for a race well done!!

Don Schwieters nails down 2nd place overall in the 2014 Texas Fall Cup MTB Series

The TMBRA Texas Fall Cup race series started August 31st 2014 at the Camp Eagle Classic in Rocksprings Tx. and ended October 12th 2014 at the Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic in Huntsville Tx. There are 5 races in the series. OMW racer Don Schwieters took on the series and the Cat 2 men 50+ all by himself. Don raced all 5 races and finished no worse than 6th place in any one race. Don got 4th place at Camp Eagle, 5th place at the Cameron Park Blowout in Waco, Tx., 3rd place at the Tyler Speedwaves race in Tyler, Tx., 6th place at the 21st Annual Piney Hills Classic in Ruston, La., and finally 4th place at the Dave Boyd Classic. As a result of his determination and perseverance Don nailed down 2nd place overall for the Fall Cup Series. Congratulations Don and great job representing OMW racing all over the great state of Texas and Louisiana!!! Guess you will be racing Cat 1 in the Spring, Don!

2014 TMBRA State Championship Series in the bag. A series to remember taken to a whole nutha level!!

The 2014 TMBRA Texas State Championship has wrapped. The season finale was in Warda Texas at the good Doctors Bluff Creek Ranch  on May 17th-18th. It was quite a season traveling the open roads of Texas and racing great MTB venues. But before we get to the final results I gotta tell you about some of the great fun we had in the secod half of the season on races.

Race # 5 was The Bent Wheel bash in Abilene, Tx. on April 13th.  Dan and Lance took the scenic route thru the hill country in the green manalishi, roaring down the country roads with the Jams on 11, and met Don at the race venue. This was a lightly attended weekend probably due to the race location and the 4+ hour drive it took even us to make. OMW race tent in full effect all weekend with lots of visitors for some race chat and ice cold beverages. Great results all around!! Lance nailed down 4th place SS 2/3, Don got 7th Cat 2 50+, and Dan even managed a top 10 with 9th place overall Cat 2 45-49. Get some of that. Fun course with lots of technical rocky sections. Wish it was closer to Austin.

Race #6 was the DORBA Prayer Mountain Pedal in Dallas, Tx on April 26th. (That is a Saturday only event BTW as no racing on Gods Day on church property, and no alcohol, profanity, or firearms either.) Apparently from the ruckus that was caused at OMW camp some didnt get this message. OMW OFFICIAL STATEMENT- we are not allowed to discuss the specifics of the weekend while an Investigation is underwa. OMW UNOFFICIAL STATEMENT- ask Lance who the boss is. Lance and Gerad had such a good time in Crunk City they went straight to Crunktopolis. nuff said on that. As far as results go, Gerad got 17th in Cat 1 30-39, Don got 17th Cat 2 50+, and Lance pulled 23rd place in SS 2/3.

Race #7 was the GHORBA Big Ring Challenge in Coldspring, Tx on May 4th.  Deanne reserved a couple of camp sites next to each other in the Double Lake Recreational area. Of course we set up the OMW team area down on the start/finish line for some excellent race and people watching. Of course we had to make a run out to Waynes place on Lake Livingston. We called to say hi and he said he would fire up the margarita machine if we came by. So we did. Always a good time out at Waynes place on the lake. It was a another great weekend of racing and cavorting. Don got 5th place, Deanne got a top 10 with 8th place, Lance got 16th place, Allen got 22nd, and Dan got 30th.

The season finale and race #8 was The Warda race in the thriving metropolis of Warda, Tx on May 17th-18th at Bluff Creek Ranch. This a popular race venue and even more so since this was the last race of the series. OMW team area was once again set up down by the front pond for some good race watching. This weekend there is racing both on Saturday and Sunday. We had great weather all weekend and had quite a few visits to the team canopy for drinks and conversation. A great way to wrap up the season. Good race results as well. Don got 8th place, Rob got 15th, Lance right on his wheel took 18th,and Gregg took 20th. Allen also came in 20th in Cat 2 45-49.

Overall Series results: Lance Hyde- 5th place Cat 2/3 SS,  Don Schwieters 7th place Cat 2 50+, Gerad Dambrosia 12th place SS Open and 16th place Cat 1 30-39, Dan Hickman 14th place Cat 2 45-49, Gregg Colvin 15th place Cat 2/3 SS, Rob Remlinger 25th place Cat 2/3 SS, Deanne Moehn 25th place Cat 3 40-49, and Allen Brady 26th place Cat 2 45-49.

It was another great season of racing our bikes all over the great state of Texas. Good times on the road, in the camp sites, and at the races. Cant wait for the next OMW racing adventure.

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OMW Loose on the Open Roads of Texas: Part II

post-open-road2This is what we have been waiting for. Spring time in Texas means beautiful weather and bike racing weekends OMW style!! Unlike the miserable weather we got at the Dripping Springs Mellow Johnnys race, Race #3 and #4 were held under clear blue Texas skiesRace #3 of the TMBRA Texas State Championship Series was at the Pace Bend Race Festival at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis just outside of Austin, Texas. This course is one of my favorites of the series. The course is on the hillside overlooking the Lake. It has a great combination of technical sections, rock gardens, and fast singletrack. It also has a nice Expo area where we establish the Team area to enjoy all the festivities. Everyone knows we are there with the OMW banner, bike stable, and jammin cooler cranked to 11!! The racing was pretty good too. Gerad Dambrosia brought home 8th place Mens Singlespeed Open. Don Schwieters took 11th place Mens Cat2 50+. Lance “BamBam” Hyde nailed 12th place in Singlespeed cat2/3. Alfredo Lopez showed his race face with a solid 14th place Cat2 men 30-34. And last be not least, Dan Hickman grabbed up the last of the points in 27th place Cat 2 men 45-49. Remember- you cant get any points if you dont get around the course clean and finish. Equally rewarding was the post race party at the OMW canopy. Cold beers anyone?

Race #4 of the series was held at Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort Texas. Another great place for mountain biking. Beautiful hill country trails with plenty of ledges and climbing. They dont call it the “Upper Loop” for nothing. Hospital Hill is also a great spot for spectators to enjoy the race action. With names like Upper Loop and Hospital Hill you know youre in for a good time. (Although we are not big fans of the ranch owner, and he’s not a big fan of us. But thats a whole nutha story!) Of course we rolled in Saturday morning and established Team camp up on the hill in our normal spot. Canopy and banner set up. Tents set up. But no fire this year due to the burn ban. Last years fire could be seen from outer space!! Oh, the ranch owner made it clear he was anxious about us starting trouble again this year. But I digress. Gerad cooked up a nice dinner for everyone Saturday night and we proceeded to get good and hydrated for the next days races. Sunday turned out to be another beautiful day for racing. Gerad Dambrosia went off first in the Singlespeed Open class and rode to a strong 5th place finish!! Gregg Colvin also had a great day coming in 6th place in Cat2/3 Singlespeed.  Lance Hyde rolled in right behind him in 9th place. Don Schwieters took 8th place mens Cat2 50+. Allen Brady got 15th place mens Cat2 45-45 and Dan Hickman rolled in just behind him in 19th place. Another successful day of racing and another great weekend of road tripping for OMW racing!! OMW has put 3 guys in the top 10 for the Overall so far. Lance is 4th, Don is 6th, and Gerad is in 9th. Halfway throug the race season and we are just getting warmed up! Next up- The Bent Wheel Bash in Abilene Texas.

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2014 TMBRA race season underway, OMW loose on the open roads of Texas!! Part 1:

post-terlingua-2014Spring time is here. Its about time. We’ve had our fun over the winter including our yearly pilgrimage to the Chihuahuan desert in far west Texas. Desert miles laid down and Starlight margaritas had by all. But the time has come for weekend warriors to get on race lines all over the great State of Texas!!

Race #1 went down Feb 9th at Rocky hill ranch in Smithville, Tx. Our good friend and OMW honorary member Paul Uhl put on a great season opener just like we knew he would. Paul had the course set up just right for all the racers as well as for the spectators to enjoy all the action. The biggest action of the weekend, besides the action at the OMW Team canopy, was Pauls son, Tristan Uhl, winning the Pro/Cat 1 Open race in commanding style. Great job Tristan! OMW racing made a good weekend of it as well. Local guy Rob Remlinger threw down an 8th place on his home course in the Cat 2/3 Singlespeed group. Gerad Dambrosia came in 12th place in Cat 1 30-39. Don Schwieters came in 13 place in Cat 2 50+. And Jay Lopez got 17th place in Cat 2 19-29. Its always a good time at Rocky Hill Ranch.

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2013 XC Season in the Bag. Next up: Winter training and other Shenanigans for the OMW Crew!

post-ending2013Well it was an interesting……ly long  2013 XC race season culminating at Race #14, The Tyler Speedwaves Race in Tyler, Texas on October 13th, 2013. The new race schedule threw a few wrinkles into our usual good times but we still managed to knock out some top 10 overalls and still fit in some good old fashioned OMW MAYHEM. Thank goodness that the powers that be, have in their infinite wisdom, decided to go back to the Spring series/Fall series format for 2014.  But I digress….

OMW racing had a great 2013 race season. We had 10 guys qualified for the overall classifications. 4 of those guys made the top 10 in their groups. The other 6 finished in the top 30 in their groups:

Rob Remlinger 6th place- Cat 2/3 SS men

Gregg Colvin 7th place- Cat 2/3 SS men

Don Schwieters 8th place- Cat 2 50+

Jay Lopez 10th place- Cat 2 men 19-29

Congratulations guys!! Great job racing 14 races over a 6 month time period. Cant forget the other knuckleheads- Allen Brady 14th place Cat 2 men 45-49, Gerad Dambrosia 16th place Cat 1 30-39, Lance Hyde 20th place Cat 2 30-34, Jeff Cairnes 21st Cat 2/3 SS, Dan Hickman 23rd place Cat 2 45-49, and Alfredo Lopez 28th place Cat 2 30-34.

With the XC season over our usual focus becomes hand picking events to do for kicks and giggles and then start to prepare for the upcoming Spring series. It has come to our attention that the format of 6 hour, 12 hour, or 24 hour races fits our race style oh so nicely.  We want to ride all day and get our party on at the same time!! Throw in some night riding and we cant stop smiling! So hope to see you out for some of those long weekends.

Before I sign off, let me remind everyone that the Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest is on the schedule once again for Presidents day weekend 2014!! Set your calendars now for February13-15th, 2014 for “Another awesome three-day Mountainbike Festival” out in the Big Bend National park and Big Bend Ranch State Park areas . Check out www.desertsportstx.com for more info as it becomes available. See you at the races or out in Big Country!!

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